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A Baseball Development Program 


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10u, 12, & 14u

“My son went to Atlanta chasing a dream, got enrolled 
at the Atlanta Sports Acadamey. There he met Mr. 
Karl brook,not only did Mr. Brooks helped my son 
with the knowledge of baseball he also help my son 
with the school duties my son needed at the time. 

Never got the pleasure to meet Mr. brooks in person, 
but the time to time I would call to check on my son 
needs. He became my son’s second dad. I can say 
that which I am very thankful to him. I appreciate all 
the help and I hope we find more people like 
Mr. Brooks to work with our kids. 

Gonzalo Lebron 

For more information contact Coach Karl Brooks * 470-216-5650 or mrkbrooks21@gmail.com

“I can still remember the first day I met Karl Brooks. I didn’t 

know what to expect but now I am glad I met him. Mr. 

Brooks is a coach that can find a rock and make it into 

diamond. Throughout my time with him in Atlanta and

Orlando I have seen that he is a smart, energetic, fun and a 

people person. He works very well with his players and has 

the best advice for every situation. He is someone that never 

gives up and will make sure you are put in the right situation. 

He is a man of god and that makes being around him more 

special. It is a pleasure to know Karl brooks and I will always 

appreciate everything he did for me.”

Jareth Russell

Middle School Baseball Developmental Program

Satchel Paige ATL and the Bruce Holmes Athletic Association partnering with the LaDainian Tomlinson Prep Academy to produce the total student athlete. Create feeder program for local Area High School baseball programs through the middle schools in zone. Facilities Used are local high school partners, indoor facilities, and park fields.

A Certified Teacher or Administrator will be the Lead Academic Coach for the program and will stay in constant contact with middle schools counselors and staff for academic support. All student athletes will not only have their on-field progress tracked but also their academic progress will be tracked to make sure they are on track to excel at the next level.

Will have tryouts for 7th grade(JV) and 8th grade(Varsity) teams which will compete in the Piper Davis Baseball League partnering with the Bruce Holmes Athletic Association and/or tournaments depending on the amount of teams formed.Student athletes will have academic support, professional player development and training. All coaches will be certified and must go through league wide coaches clinic and training. Teams will move to tournament play, with All Star teams being formed for travel at the end of season, said teams will have opportunity to participate in the Piper Davis National Tournament in Birmingham,Al in July 2015.

Purpose of the middle school league is to prepare baseball student athletes for the next level in not only the game of baseball but academic success to and through college! Players will have community service. School teams will wear Ladanian Tomlinson Prep Academy uniforms with school colors and school patch and or logo attached to keep costs down. We will also come up with fundraising efforts to raise funds for the players not limited to the schools athletic departments.

*All sixth graders are welcomed to attend. 

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