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 Testimonial from a player:

 I meet coach Brooks in Atlanta... He became like a dad to me.. He taught me a lot of pitching stuff.. We passed a lot of struggles together and we resolved it... I always thanks brooks for the experience that he let me have... He is like a dad to me.. He has all the things that I would like my father have... 
Rey David Luciano 

Testimonial from a few parents: 

First of all, Thank You so much for what Ryan said was the best baseball experience of his life. Not only did his skills improve, but he now shows up to play with a better attitude than he's ever had. All the coaches there took such a personal interest in Ryan that his self-esteem went through the roof. This change in behavior for my son was mind-blowing for me. Please be sure to thank everyone there from Ryan and myself and a special Thank You to JJ, who Ryan still talks about. I strongly recommend any camps done by this organization for any child at any skill level. Please let me know if you decide to do any summer camps that are appropriate for Ryan's skill level. He would love to attend. 

Thank You 
Michele Cranford 

The experience with Karl Brooks was very satisfying. He is a very generous person. When my son was under his care, my son learned many things and I can assure you that he is a very responsible and genuine human being. While my son was in Atlanta under his care, I received reports of the progress my son had with his coaching. As a coach, Karl Brooks is excellent and I will recommend him to anyone. 
Margarita Gonzales (Rey David Luciano’s Mom) 

My son went to Atlanta chasing a dream, got enrolled at the Atlanta Sport Academy. There he met Mr. Karl Brooks, not only did Mr. Brooks helped my son with the knowledge of baseball, he also help my son with the school duties that my son needed at the time. Never got the pleasure to meet Mr. Brooks in person, but time to time I would call him to check on my son’s needs. He became my son's second dad. I can say that, which I am very thankful to him. I appreciate all the help, and I hope we find more people like Mr. Brooks to work with our kids. 

Gonzalo Lebron Sr. 

Testimonial From more students:

I can still remember the first day I met Karl Brooks. I didn't know what to expect then but now am glad I met him. Mr. Brooks is a coach that can find a rock and make it into a diamond. Throughout my time with him in Atlanta and Orlando I have seen that he is a smart, energetic, fun and a people person. He works very well with his players and has the best advice for every situation. He is someone that never gives up and will make sure you are put in the right situation. He is a man of God and that makes being around him more special. It is a pleasure to know Karl Brooks and I will always appreciate everything he did for me. 
Jareth Russell 

Mr. Brooks is the best coach that I ever had. He is a good person and knows how to take care of his baseball players. I still remember when he was my coach and I also remember when I broke my ankle he took care about me all the time. If I needed someone or something Coach Brooks and his family always took care about me. Mr. Brooks is a funny person. He’s always makes you laugh, it doesn’t matter what kind of problem he has going on, he will always have a smile to go with it. I had a pretty good experience with him. I will never forget when we play together. I wish that someday we can play together again. Thank you for all that you did for me Mr. Brooks.
Alexander Jimenez 

Coach Brooks is a good trainer and friend. He did well in the field and always keeping our heads up. He helped me a lot with his program, excellent work out and practices too. He likes to work hard and always intensive and healthy. 

Ferdinand Concepcion
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